Pregnant Women, This Risk of Disease from Excessive Sweet Eating and Drinking

During pregnancy, the body is easily sore and tired, the possibility of making mothers often want to pamper themselves with sweet foods and drinks. But be careful, ma'am. It turns out that too much sugar consumption during pregnancy can cause side effects that are risky for your health. One condition that needs to be watched out for is gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes is only experienced by pregnant women. Mothers may be the first time and do not have a history of diabetes before pregnancy, or you may already have mild symptoms of diabetes that have not been diagnosed before. Risk of Gestational Diabetes Causing Pregnancy Disorders If consumed in modest amounts, in fact neither sugar nor artificial sweeteners usually carry risks for pregnant women. However, the consumption of sweeteners or uncontrolled sweet foods can be dangerous, especially if previously pregnant women have a history of diabetes mellitus or insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that processes
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